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Medicine Ball Workout

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Sweaty Sunday???Grab a heavy medicine ball and get to work. I'm using a 10 lb ball. 1. Kneeling side slams (10 each side) 2. Around the head side slam (10 each side) 3. Wall toss [...]

The Girl and The Gym offers YOUnique one-on-one personal training programs for people who need to make a positive change in their life. We listen to your needs, wants and take into account your lifestyle – whether you have a family, stressful job or just need some accountability. Sharon Millas and Jennifer Bonner are based in Chicago for in-person sessions, but online training is available too! Contact us for more details!

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Sharon listens, responds, and gets you where you want to go. As a trainer, she’s incredibly intuitive—she knows when and how to push you—and as a person, she’s down-to-earth and fun. I felt instantly comfortable working with Sharon; thanks to her positive vibes and knowledgeable coaching, she got me in the best shape of my life. Three years later, I’m still working with Sharon and feeling great.
Jessica C., client
Sharon is a great personal trainer! Her passion and dedication has helped me to stay healthy, strong and lean at 57! Training with Sharon has helped me run a 12 minute mile, three times a week, to be free of injury while I run, and to feel GREAT at 57!
Rose S., client